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Nick Martello, Author

My name is Nick Martello and I’ve worked in the Environmental Sciences since the mid – 1970s.  I helped develop and implement agricultural experimentation projects throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean.


In 1999 – 2002 I furthered my education and became certified in Indoor Air & Surface Inspections and Decontamination.  I studied in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, and Washington.  My primary field of study was Indoor Air Quality and the decontamination protocol also known as remediation of protein matter called microorganisms – mold & bacteria from our indoor air and surfaces.  I studied “how to” safely and effectively clean both occupied and unoccupied structures from residential to medical and industrial facilities.

Mold, Mildew & Algae Stain & Flood Cleaner!

zymeaway mold and flood cleaner

America’s Leading
Enzyme Flood Cleaner!

Today, we hold the exclusive rights to America’s leading mold, mildew & algae stain cleaner which is also the safest enzyme flood cleaner available.  Our base formula was first used as a primary flood water debris cleaner in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina during the winter of 2005/2006. Ever since we have never looked back in spite of two major set-backs from our own US-EPA.

My personal opinion is an all natural enzyme cleaner should never have been eliminated from the market where its high degree of efficacy and benefits to; people, pets and our environment were so prevalent and scientifically documented!

I find it quite curious that thousands of medical doctors and enzyme research centers around the world understand that when our immune system is being invaded by bacteria, mold spores and viruses, it is “enzymes” that are created within our bodies (DNA) for the specific purpose and function to attack and destroy these foreign microorganisms.  Now they know this occurs within the body, but for some strange and reprehensible reason we cannot market or publicly demonstrate the same on the outside of the body without being punished as a non registered “pesticide.”  Truth is, we are not a pesticide, we are simply a living energy molecule that provides the life energy to all living matter on this planet.  No living matter could or would exist without the energy of enzymes.

THE TRUTH THAT ISN’T TOLD:  Enzymes do not digest living matter, bacteria does. Bacteria is the pac-man that eats and digests organisms while most people confuse that as the function of an enzyme.

Enzymes are a living energy that simply separate, cleave or break-apart molecules, and by doing so, enzymes have become the safest most highly effective cleaner you can use.

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