Flood Water Cleaner


Flood Water Cleanup is Nasty Work!!

In my many years of environmental work, nothing is more hazardous and dangerous than a major flood! Flood water cleanup is by far the most labor intensive and serious type of cleaning job we have on earth!  

You may need to clean the same surfaces two, three or even more times all depending on “how long” the flood water penetrated the structure.  

There are Many Types of Floods:

Whenever toxic chemical and biological toxic matter mix together, it can and will create many new and unknown toxic substances.  Then you must couple that with the scared local wildlife including animals and reptiles all trying to seek refuge, you have an even greater level of chaos, disorder and more than likely… pandemonium.  And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse… you must also concern yourself with electrical lines that may be invisible and under the water that can electrocute you without any warning whatsoever.

It is a nightmare that no one should go through… but almost each year, there are thousands and even hundreds of thousands of innocent flood victims across America… and the earth!

The only product I personally recommend is ZymeAway “Enzyme Flood Cleaner!”  ZymeAway has proven its value and worth since the original formulation was developed in 1999 and the extensive cleanup work completed after Hurricane’s Katrina, Rita, Ike and many more.  ZymeAway is by far the safest and most highly effective natural enzyme flood cleaner specifically designed to clean flood water dirt, grease, grime and debris and it won’t harm people, pets or the environment.  It is the safest and best flood water cleaner you can buy.

Watch our Flood Water & Sewage Cleaning Test below.

Iowa 2008

ZymeAway cleans mold and flood water stains

Nasty Work!

Iowa 2008


Flood Water Cleaning Directions

4ozGallon11All indoor cleaning will use a mixture of 4-ounces of ZymeAway concentrate into each gallon of water you use. NOTE:  You can use 1-ounce of concentrate into a quart spray bottle if that is all you need for that moment.

It’s important to remember that you may need to clean the same location two, three or more times before it is free of all flood water dirt and debris.  If you have Mold Staining taking place, you must work with a professional Mold Remediation Company to insure that all surfaces and locations are free of concerns and you are allowed to re-occupy your facility.

If you are going to attempt to clean the flood water damage yourself, then you must purchase (at minimum) the four items listed below:  (1) N-95 or equivalent nose & mouth respirator, (2) Non-Porous Goggles to prevent any contaminants from entering your eyes, (3) Protective gloves and (4) Ear-Plugs to prevent any contaminants from entering your ear cavity.

minimum personal protective equipment you must have
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