Hot Tubs and Spa

How to Clean

ZymeAway Hot-Tub and Spa Cleaning
ZymeAway Hot-Tub and Spa Cleaning

How to Clean Hot Tubs & Spas

Benefits of Cleaning:

  1. Eliminate the need to use harsh toxic chemical cleaners
  2. Save $100s per year in commercial chemical cleaners
  3. Safe and highly effective for all pools, hot-tubs and spas – will not harm you skin, the water or the environment
  4. Save wear and tear on all pipes, tubing, surface coating while helping to keep down organic debris.


  1. Fill spa to the normal full level with warm water – just above highest jet level outlet. Pour 8-ounces of ZymeAway concentrate (1/4 bottle) into the water and turn the jets to the lowest setting (you want Low & Slow), and insure that the jets operate continuously on the low setting for a full 10-minutes.
  2. After running for 10-minutes, turn the system OFF for 10-minutes.  This will allow the enzymes time to begin the process of biodegrading the dirt, grease, grime and debris stuck to the tubing throughout the recirculation system.
  3. NOTE:  If excessive foaming occurs, a few customers said to use isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle and spray into the foam to reduce the foaming action.  It is flammable so we always say use caution and keep away from children!!
  4. Final Procedure:  Pour an additional 8-onces of ZymeAway concentrate into this same water and again, keeping the jets to the lowest setting and run the system for another full 10-minutes.
  5. You should immediately notice debris and “gunk” emitting from the jets within the recirculating water.  Use a pool skimmer (net) or large sieve to remove the bulk matter in the water and discard it into a plastic garbage bad.  It is not a pretty sight, but remember it is no longer stuck inside the pipes or tubing or sticking to your skin.
  6. Drain all remaining water and when empty, begin to clean the entire spa surfaces with a mixture of 2-oza of ZymeAway concentrate into 1-gallon of water.  Pour this mixture into spray bottles and begin the cleaning and rinsing process.  Spray over the entire tub surfaces, fixtures, tub, and drain areas.  Gently brush this mixture into all surfaces and allow it to penetrate for a couple minutes.  Last, rinse thoroughly with clean water and you will be good to re-fill and enjoy a relaxing hot-tub experience.
  7. NOTE:  You should have approximately 1/2 bottle of ZymeAway concentrate remaining (if you used a quart bottle) and if you believe another cleaning is required, simply follow the above cleaning steps again.  If a hot-tub has not been cleaned in several months (4 or more), you will need to conduct two thorough cleaning sessions.

Hot-tub and spa cleaning should be completed once every six (6) to eight (8) weeks if you use your spa as a family of three or four once or twice per week.  If you use your hot-tub or spa more frequently, then you should clean it every month – to be on the safe side! 

If you use your spa for parties or when children share it with their friends, then your cleaning should be conducted right after that party is completed (within a day or two). 

Always error on the side of Caution – and clean frequently!


IMPORTANT NOTE:  It is important to remember that cosmetics, oils, lotions, body fluids (urine & feces) along with other “organic matter” (skin & hair) will stick to the lining of the recirculation system while the spa is in use and they adhere or cling to the lining very quickly when it is not in use.  Keep ahead of any potential problems by cleaning with ZymeAway enzymes, as they are specifically formulated to clean away organic dirt, grease and debris.

The first photo (upper left) shows a basic hot-tub recirculation system.  It is filled with over 100 feet of tubing.  All tubes will contain build-up of dirt, oils, lotions and other organic matter.  ZymeAway, is a highly concentrated multi-enzyme formula, specifically designed to break-down, break-apart and emulsify (biodegrade) dirt, grease grime and debris – including cosmetics and body fluids all while leaving behind a safe, fresh and clean environment for you and your family to enjoy and relax in.

We recommend purchase a minimum of 1-Quart Bottle of ZymeAway Concentrate whenever you decide to clean your hot-tub or spa.

FINAL NOTE:  You can always use 1-ounce of ZymeAway concentrate and pour it inside the water when you are enjoying the hot-tub.  The enzymes are 100% safe and will be a benefit in keeping the dirt, grease, grime and other organic matter to a much lower level.

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