Indoor Cleaning


Mixing Directions

All indoor cleaning will use a mixture of 2-ounces of ZymeAway concentrate into each gallon of water you use. NOTE:  You can use 1/2-ounce of concentrate into a quart spray bottle if that is all you need for that moment.

Mix only enough to use in 45-days.  ZymeAway is an organic “living energy cleaner” and no one can guarantee the purity of any water source throughout the United States.  Bacteria is allowed at certain amounts and even though ZymeAway is a perfectly balanced solution, when bacteria is present it can begin to develop an odor in the mixed solution in about 30 to 45 days.  NOTE: The concentrate bottle is good for a full 2-years!!

ZymeAway Cleans All Washable Surfaces

All of the following photographs show various cleaning projects around the inside of a home.  ZymeAway will clean all washable surfaces from hard surfaces to the softest fabrics including your laundry!  The mixture is the same as the top photo – 2-ounces of concentrate into each gallon you will use… or 1/2-ounce into each quart bottle (like a spray bottle).  Remember that the cleaning is as easy as One, Two and Three!!  Spray it on, Scrub it in, Rinse it off. 

ZymeAway is Safe to People, Pets and the Environment!

Sink & Faucets

Cleaning inside of kitchen sink with soapy water and sponge

All Appliances

Stove Tops

All Flooring

Sink Fixtures

Toilet Cleaning

ZymeAway cleans toilets inside and out

Tile and Grout

ZymeAway cleans Tile and Grout

All Surfaces

Glass & Mirrors

Clear Drains

ZymeAway help unclog slow drains

Laminate Floors


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