Is ZymeAway Safe

ZymeAway “IS” Safe…

Safe Around Children, Pets, Environmet

So How Safe is ZymeAway Really?

ZymeAway is 98.8% “Organic Enzymes and Water” and it has 0.2% Detergent (Soap).  As you may have seen on our home page video, I cleaned 25-year old mold stain from a home with vinyl siding.  During the actual cleaning process, I took out my toothbrush and… YES… I brushed my teeth with the same ZymeAway mixture that cleaned the mold stained siding.  Let me share some very important information with you.  You do not need toxic and harmful chemical cleaners to clean away “Organic Matter!!”  It is totally a hype perpetrated by the major chemical companies through TV advertising.  It is 100% unnecessary and again… highly toxic and harmful to you and our environment.

ZymeAway is completely safe and will not harm people, pets or our environment.  In fact, I’ve used ZymeAway to assist with some serious outdoor soil contamination over the last 11-years.  We have conducted numerous side-by-side cleaning studies with a Before & After Swab Test to demonstrate the fact that ZymeAway will clean a washable surface as well as any of the toxic and harmful chemical cleaners in the market.  In fact, many times we clean better!  How?  Simple.  We clean with a powerful biological enzymatic cleaner that biodegrades (breaks down and degrades) organic matter.  Chemical cleaners, on the other hand, do not break down or degrade the organic matter… they smear or spread it around the surface.  NOTE:  If you do not thoroughly rinse toxic chemical cleaners off your surfaces… you risk the chance of spreading these toxins onto your food items.  Also, the toxic fumes emitted from these toxic cleaners carry into the air we breathe and can cause irritation to your respiratory system.  We will be producing a series of very short but to-the-point videos show exactly how safe ZymeAway is compared to your most common household “toxic and harmful” chemical cleaners.

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