Personal Protective Equipment

Protect Yourself Always…


Why do I need Protective Equipment if ZymeAway is so safe? 

The answer is… Whenever you are cleaning any indoor location that has a mold or mildew stain issue, or has been exposed to any form of flood water, you need to protect your eyes, ears, nose and mouth.  You will be exposured to the environment’s contamination while you are cleaning that area.  NOTE:  All indoor environments that require any form of remediation or cleaning from flood water or mold stains are considered contaminated.  You must take at least the minimum precaution and protect your “Head” with the following:

  • Non-Porous Goggles.  You need non-porous to protect your eyes from airborne contaminants and polluted air in general while cleaning.  Many people use swimmers goggles as they fit tightly against the eyes and are easily adjusted for comfort.
  • Earplugs.  We are asked all the time, “Why earplugs?”  Because your eardrum is a direct entrance into your head (brain cavity) which is a “perfect environment” for mold or bacteria spores to survive and grow.  REMEMBER:  All air – both indoor and out contains living mold and bacteria – we simply cannot see them and for the most part, the amount present is insignificant to our health.  But, when you have stale and stagnant indoor air after a flood has occurred, this is considered highly contaminated and contains amounts of spores above the safety level.  If you do not protect your ears during the cleaning process and enough contaminated air enters your brain cavity, you cannot remove this contamination and it can become very serious and even life-threatening.  The simple solution is… “Always protect your ear cavity from exposure with earplugs or ear muffs like those worn to protect against loud noises.”
  • Face Mask.  There are many types of face masks available at all box-stores and hardware stores.  Just remember to purchase one that is rated to protect against Mold and Organic Vapors.  Purchase a N-95 Particulate Matter Filter respirator.  There are good Disposable N95 face masks, 1/2 face masks that cover the nose and mouth with replaceable canister filters or a full face mask that covers your eyes, nose and mouth.  The type of respirator that you need will directly depend upon the amount of contamination present.  If you can see or smell the contaminants – you should use either the 1/2 face mask or full face mask.  If you are just completing the cleaning process with very light or no visible contamination then the disposable N95 should suffice.  If you have any questions, please ask us through our Contact Us page.
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