Pet Cleaner


All indoor cleaning will use a mixture of 2-ounces of ZymeAway concentrate into each gallon of water you use. NOTE:  You can use 1/2-ounce of concentrate into a quart spray bottle if that is all you need for that moment.

Mix only enough to use in 45-days.  ZymeAway is an organic “living energy cleaner” and no one can guarantee the purity of any water source throughout the United States.  Bacteria is allowed at certain amounts and even though ZymeAway is a perfectly balanced solution, when bacteria is present it can begin to develop an order in the mixed solution in about 30 to 45 days.  NOTE: The concentrate bottle is good for a full 2-years!!

eliminates odors fast

Destroy Odors

ZymeAway destroys odors fast

ZymeAway will positively breakdown and eliminate odors very quickly.  It provides superior offensive odor reduction from; cooking oils, fish & seafood, organic garbage, smoking (cigarettes, cigars & pipes) etc.  Personal odors left on clothing from heavy sweat location.  Simply spray 2oz mixture directly over surfaces and fabrics containing residual odors.  Spray it on… Brush it In… and Rinse it Off.  If you happen to have a specific strong odor, simply repeat this process without any hard to the surfaces or fabrics.  Tennis shoes cause excessive odors and ZymeAway provide a very quick and thorough relief from these odors.  Use inside your automobile on the floors, seats, or other location where spills or debris may have left behind an unusual or offensive odor.

Pet Shampoo

pet shampoo

ZymeAway is a superior pet shampoo that is not only very safe, but is pH neutral and will leave your pet’s coat soft, free of dirt & debris and odor free.  Most comments are that the pet’s skin and coats are free of itchy matter!  NOTE:  Because the enzyme solution can reduce oils and oily odors, it can also dry the pets eyes… so be careful and avoid shampooing near the eyes.  If you get ZymeAway into the pets eyes, it will cause a very mild drying effect that will not damage or harm the eyes and the pets fluid level will return in a short amount of time.  It can cause a slight irritation, but again, no harmful residual effects will occur.  It has been successfully used for all types of pets for more than 8-years!  ZymeAway is gentle, safe & effective!

Pet Bedding

ZymeAway is excellent for eliminating many oily or greasy odors that some breeds may have.  You can safely wash all pet bedding materials and ZymeAway will breakdown any organic matter that may have been embedded in the fibers of the fabric.  (See Laundry Suggestion Below) 

Pet accidents such as urine, feces, and vomit are easily and thoroughly cleaned in the same manner as other cleaning.  Spray on the debris, brush it in… and rinse it off.  If the vomit is from certain commercial foods (they add color additives), the quicker you can address the stain the better… but when this occurs, be sure to leave the brushed in mixture to penetrate the carpet or bedding material fibers for around 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.  Repeat is necessary.  We have pets and found that after using ZymeAway to penetrate the vomit stain, we bring out our steamer and steam the stained area for 30 to 60 seconds.  This will usually eliminate the harshest of food additive colorings.

LAUNDRY:  You can spray all fabric stained areas and then place the material into the laundry.  When doing laundry, simply mix as listed above, and then pour 1-cup from the gallon of mix into each laundry load.  You do NOT need laundry detergent when using ZymeAway, but if you prefer to use some, then use 1/3 of the normal amount.  Why? Enzymes are such a wonderful living energy that enhances other detergents ability to clean.  ZymeAway enzymes will make your laundry detergent 3X’s further.  

NOTE:  In our home, we have not used laundry detergent for over 10-years without any concerns.  In fact, our clothing and pet fabrics remain odor free the colors keep their vibrancy while lasting noticeably longer!  

Pet Urine

ZymeAway cleans pet stains on flooring

ZymeAway is superior at cleaning away pet urine from all washable surfaces. Cat urine is especially heavy in odor, but as long as you spray the 2-oz mixture liberally enough to insure that it penetrates deeply enough into the carpeting, the mat and padding to reach the same depth that the urine did, you will succeed in breaking down the urine and odor.  NOTE:  If you detect a lingering odor, it means that you did not spray a sufficient amount of solution to penetrate to the same level as the urine had.  Once our enzymes mix with the urine crystals (dried urine matter), it will immediately begin to biodegrade and break it down.  

Cat Litter Odor

We are owners of several feline family members… and we clean litter at least once per day!  When guests come to our home, it is interesting to watch them after they learn we have cats in our home.  They usually say. “I see your cats, but I don’t smell any offensive odors?”  First, we do keep up on scooping the litter daily and we use the 2oz mixture to spray if we notice the beginning of an odor.  What spray directly onto the litter.  Any residual urine or fecal matter is quickly deodorized leaving behind a fresh odor-free room.  Enzymes are truly amazing energy catalysts… and they work very fast at breaking down this type of protein matter.  

You best choice for the safest and most household cleaner is ZymeAway.  Order yours today.

Skunk Odors - Gone... FAST!

We all know about skunk odors!  If we haven’t been personally hit with it, we certainly have experienced that unmistakable odor while driving in a car next to one that unfortunately didn’t make it across the street.

Let’s get right to it.  You will use the same mixture and liberally spray whatever came into contact with skunk spray.  Your pet, yourself, your clothing etc.  Let’s use your pet as an example.  Spray the pet’s coat liberally as a shampoo.  Continue to wash the pet for about 7 to 10 minutes.  Be sure to allow the ZymeAway mixture to penetrate the coat and skin long enough to biodegrade the nasty odor.  It will definitely breakdown the skunk spray from any surface or material within 15-minutes at most.

Spray on the mixture, brush or sponge it into the surface material, and allow it to penetrate for up to 10-minutes and then rinse off thoroughly with tepid water.  Repeat if necessary.  NOTE:  One of the most pungent odors in our environment is Fox Urine – it is even more pungent than skunk.  It is a pungent ammonia that stings the respiratory tract and can even burn the eyes.  ZymeAway breaks down this nasty urine in under 90-seconds… like with skunk spray, be sure you spray liberally and allow the ZymeAway mixture to penetrate as deeply as the target odor has.

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