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What is ZymeAway?

ZymeAway is an all natural organic enzyme cleaner.  It contains pure Protease, Amylase and Lipase Enzymes, Coconut Oil, Soap (Detergent) and Water. ZymeAway is 98.8% Organic Enzymes and Water with 0.02% Soap.

How Long Has ZymeAway Been Used?

The base formulation was created in 1999 and generally marketed as a natural enzyme hospital hard-surface cleaner.  In 2004, we conducted the first formal flood water cleaning efficacy tests, and in 2005 the ultimate flood water cleaning tests occurred cleaning up after hurricane Katrina.  In 2009, we were granted the exclusive rights to our present day formulation called ZymeAway!

What Benefits Does ZymeAway Offer?

 Saves You Time and Money!

enzyme_cleaning_saves_money-time0011Excellent Time Saver:  It’s much quicker to clean with than harsh toxic chemical cleaners, and it is completely safe!  You simply Spray it on, Brush it in, and Rinse if Off…What Can Be Easier?

Saves Money:  You will easily save over $100-$150/year in harsh toxic chemical cleaner purchases each year.  Remember… ZymeAway comes to you in a super concentrate that maximizes your Savings.  When using your own water to mix and blend the solution you need, your cost is only $0.50 per quart and only $2.00 per full gallon!  You can’t get a better deal on a safer household cleaner… anywhere!

ZymeAway is 100% Biodegradable and Safe to People, Pets and our Environment, unlike almost all of the harsh toxic chemical cleaners which are hazardous to humans (our family – and Indoor Air Quality) and animals (our pets).

ZymeAway is pH neutral, non-toxic, non-caustic and non-hazardous and safe to use on all washable surfaces!

What Ingredients Are In ZymeAway?

ZymeAway is Formulated with 100% Organic Plant Based Enzymes, Coconut Oil, Proprietary Soap (Detergent) and Water.  ZymeAway contains the highest percentage of protease enzymes than any other cleaning product in the market – worldwide!

What Enzymes Are In ZymeAway?

plant-based-enzymes_coconut-oilProtease:  The protease enzyme is the “key” enzyme to break-down any form of protein matter found in many foods we eat.  NOTE:  ZymeAway contains the highest amount per volume of Protease enzymes than any other cleaner in the market.

Amylase:  The amylase enzyme breaks-down complex carbohydrates and sugars into simple sugars and is found in our saliva.

Lipase:  The lipase enzyme breaks-down (FOGS) = Fats, Oils and Greases.  NOTE:  This combination and type of enzymes creates a “perfectly balanced superior natural cleaner” that will clean all washable surfaces indoors and out!

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